LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Reader Review

It's undeniable that as time has progressed, videogames have changed dramatically. Real-world-physics, complex continually evolving enviroments and lifelike visuals dominate many of today's games, often neglecting gameplay for accuracy to real-life. But thankfully, not all games go this way.

Lego Star Wars II, the sequel to the surprise hit of last year was released last week, and like it's predecessor, prides itself on being fun, charming, and slapstick comical. The simplicity from the first game thankfully remains in place, meaning infinite lives and A-to-B routes through levels are still there, something that, depending on your response to the first game, you'll either love or hate. And that, unfortunately is maybe where the problems start to appear.

For a start, the console version is a lot more difficult that last year's release, as the continually endless Stormtroopers show. There's also a lot more of those annoying flying levels, which, to be honest, really f**ked me off. For completists, there's also a lot more to unlock and play once you've completed the main stories, but again, your opinion of this will also depend on last year's game in general. To those who moaned about the original being too easy and short, knock yourselves out. But the problem with all these changes, is that the game is a little unsure of who it's market really is. Undoubtedly Lego Star Wars is made with kids in mind, but after finding yourself taking a whole hour to complete some of the levels, one begins to wonder. I've completed all of the stories now of course, but the idea of 100% completion IS a challenge, and sadly, something that not everyone is going to achieve.

Lego Star Wars II despite it's downfalls and rip-your-hair-out-moments is still highly enjoyable, and a breath of fresh air in a world of entertainment where every third release is a first-person-shooter. The additions into the game if anything lower the game's overall impact, meaning that ultimately, while still good, the original game is far better. If you love Star Wars, buy it. If you love Lego, buy it. If you love both Lego and Star Wars, this is one game that should already be in your collection...


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