Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Reader Review

I read about this particular game in an article in Edge magazine sometime last year and was intrigued by it almost immediately. I've never played previous games in the series but this sort of game was right up my alley. I hadn't been playing on my original Xbox for some time so although I didn't buy the game as soon as it went on sale I eventually got my hands on it. Dreamfall The Longest Journey brings the classic point and click adventure style of gameplay which although tailored for PC's can work on consoles as proven with last year's underrated Fahrenheit.

Dreamfall features three characters that you play throughout the wonderfully detailed and interesting story. The characters that you play are all from different places but connected in some way. The game opens up with you playing as Zoe Castillo a bright, young woman who lives in Casablanca. Things seem pretty much normal until Zoe meets her ex-boyfriend Reza who is working on a top secret story, when he goes missing. It's up to you to find out what's really going on. In Dreamfall there is a lot of dialogue which may well grate at you if you're the imaptient type. Throughout these conversations you can choose what you want to say out of a number of choices. Unlike Fahrenheit it's unclear whether these choices you make actually affect the story or just keep moving the story along at your pace but it's still involving nevertheless. Throughout the game you will not only have to talk to characters but solve puzzles and engage in combat which is fairly sub-standard to sasy the least. The good thing is there isn't an awful lot of combat in the game.

The game will take you all over the World and into others so it's not just a case of the game being stuck in Casablanca. That said the environments are not the best you'll ever see with some ugly textures along the way plus the fact that the environments seem very small and constricted so as a consequence the game suffers from a a fair bit of linearity. I suppose this has to happen to compensate the sheer amount of dialogue you will hear throughout the game. Dreamfall is not a difficult game it's simple and you should get yourself through it in a weekend. Although the game may be short it will leave a lasting impression upon you.

Dreamfall The Longest Journey is a good game and one that's well worth playing. It isn't difficult in the slightest, you'll be playing a game that is most certainly linear but above all else you'll find one of the best stories in a game. Ever. Dreamfall dosen't really have any major flaws to prevent you from playing it this is a game you should play. If you're looking for a challenge look elsewhere but if you're looking for a game that will make you actually feel something beyond a normal video game this is it. An involving if short-lived experience it's one you would be a fool to miss.

9 / 10

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