Worms Open Warfare Reader Review

When this title was announced, it is understandable that many gamers were very excited by the prospects of portable worms. Take me for example, I whipped out some cash to purchase a budget copy of the classic Worms on the PSX and got back into the fun, strategic and often quite humorous style of gameplay. But Worms Open Warfare falls short on many levels of my fan-like expectation.


In traditional style, I would like to start with the good news. The graphics are brilliant. Fun, bright, smooth and well designed. Gamers of many ages will be pulled in by it's unique graphical style which, on the PSP screen, fits very nicely. As well as the style and layout, the menus are easy to navigate through and nicely laid out and the weapon effects are just as suiting to the cartoony style and find a home on the impressive screen

10 / 10


The worms titles are easily recognisable by their voices and quippy little remarks to the player's choices and actions, and I was very pleased to see the impressive library of voices available for your worms, ranging from many british dialects, to US marines, it'll be hard to find one that doesnt suit your fancy. It could be said that the voices become repetative and as a result make the game experience ever so slightly annoying, especially the rather odd line "Oh there were batteries left" which is said a little too much by one of the engish accented teams. Every level has it's own music, nothing too impressive here, but they are all quite suiting.

7 / 10


Yes, it's the traditional worms formula, which for many fans and first-time wormers is welcoming and enjoyable. Here is a list of the game's best points.

  • Customise your own team with your names and an array of voices and gravestones, then choose whether they're game or player controlled.
  • Customise your own game scheme, such as game time, turn time, the scheme name, weapons available and ammo for each weapon.
  • Backflip. After playing the first worms for so long, I was SO grateful for this
  • 2D. Despite the PSP's capeabilities, it is such a relief that they chose to recreate the classic 2D worms gameplay instead. I believe this fact alone is why many chose to purchase this title for thier PSP library.

    But here is where I felt let down..

  • Some very popular and useful weapons were not included in this title. Such as the bunjee cord, the super sheep, and the holy hand grenade. I would also have liked to have seen the return of the pnumatic drill (probably from my style of playing worms)

  • Relatively few level schemes, despite the levels being well made, it would have been nice for a more diversity or at least secret levels.
  • 20 challeneges with increasing difficulty (I completed number 20 in sudden death with 98% of the land covered in water. Here's a tip; Girder off enemies below you, be weary of thier availibility of teleports), and no reward for completion. Absolutely nothing to unlock. No secret weapons, or levels, or options. Nothing. Needless to say after completion I felt VERY disappointed.
  • Would have liked more customisation. For example, I made a game scheme which starts in sudden death and the only weapon available was to prod your enemies into the rising water. But not being able to stop the frequent weapon drops, this opened my scheme to underhanded cheating.
  • The Classic single-controlled multiplayer option. When I was first introduced to the game's menu, I was horrified to see the 'Wireless Multiplayer' option, without a 'Single game multiplayer' option, and after reading an online review giving the game 3/10 for not having this option, I gave up hope. It took me 2 days before I realised that using the 'create game' mode, you could choose multiple player controlled teams and suddenly all was calm in the land of the worms. I have listed it as a disadvantage, as it is the only navigation flaw in the game's interface.
  • Still very annoyed about no unlockable content. Even the poorly made and tiring worm movies are all accesible from the start. But I am most annoyed by having worked hard to complete the Challenege mode there was NOTHING. Prepare for disappointment.

6 / 10


In closing, I would like to express how much fun this game still is in multiplayer and the pure fact that you can carry the classic worms format anywhere with you and play against anyone. good lastability in this title and worth purchasing if you have people to play with, regardless of them having a psp or not! But this game is seriously let down by the lack of content and not having achieved quite as much as was understandably expected. Needless to say there are many better titles for multiplayer fun or single player strategic gameplay available on the PSP.

(not and average)

7 / 10

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