EyeToy: Chat Reader Review

For a really good price, EyeToy: Chat provides us with video conferencing on the PlayStation 2. The reason for such a low price is probably because of it being only online. I first played the 100 hour demo of this but unfortunately it could only be between people you know. So, when the final game was released I decided to buy it so I could chat to anyone on at the same time. Problem is there is hardly anyone using this game.

I am wondering if people just didn't need this (because of video conferencing on the PC) or just don't have the time to connect online with their PlayStation 2. Anyway, if this game were really popular I think it could be great fun chatting to other gamers out there. EyeToy provides a decent quality image and so it would be real fun to see what others look like. It was suggested by the game that this is free and much better than using a phone. Well, that's if others have a PlayStation 2 online and have the game also.

There are a few more minor features such as parental control and some mini games to play with each other. Think you can play chess and a few others. Make sure you have enough space (around 2 MB) on your memory card since updates are available when you first use the game.

As for the graphics and the sound there is not much to say here. It's not really a game. The sound is decent and ties in well with the game but again, not too much to get excited about since it isn't really a game.

Worth it? Well, for a really cheap price it is. If you have a lot of friends with a PlayStation 2 hooked up online and they own the game too then it could be well worth it. Otherwise, no, there are hardly any people on it and really it cannot replace the phone since you will be wasting electricity keeping the PlayStation 2 on all day.

Would of been a great little tool for the PlayStation 2 if it had attracted more people but I'm going to have to say it is not worth buying. Wait for something bigger and better to come out on PlayStation 3 maybe.

4 / 10

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