Fahrenheit Reader Review

Yeah, remember this was the game every blog, magazine, and independent game press were touting as one of the best games ever.. at first i was tempted to agree.

the graphics were fantastic! worked well had its own little style, with some cues from the matrix (what game doesn't nowadays?)..

The control scheme was great and innovative, felt kind of right, and felt like an evolved point and click adventure... Please more games using this method!

The music is amazing, but then i love Angelo Badalamenti, his scores for david Lynch films are great..

So whats the problem with it? i found the problem with the game is that it looked so promising, and they did a lot of work making the characters interesting, only to add some pretty stupid things like spoiler lucas and carla getting it on, which seemed unlikely, unnecessary, and just silly. also the end, where out of nowhere some AI is trying to take over the world?? without building that part from anywhere... seriously it just got jammed into the plot at the end.

The plot started well, then went a bit matrix.. then just lost all its originality.

In addition, this game was supposed to be kind of serious and was hyped up as being the game your non-gamer friends will appreciate.... but then they had to add sex scenes.. they were unnecessary, seemed out of place, and made my girlfriend spill her tea while laughing hysterically at me... just when i was getting her to like my hobbie...

so yeah for that alone it gets marked down. This game is Great on paper, the engine for the game works well in practice, and i think someone should use it to write another game... but seriously the plot is unimaginative and just badly realised. its a shame as the voice acting IS good....


worth playing as an interesting excercise in what it could have been.

this was seriously over rated.. i doubt most the reviewers got to the end.. as its then you realise its short comings.

6 / 10

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