Kuon Reader Review

Now, I really, really have to disagree with 4/10, that the reviewer for this site happen to give this game. I don't know whether he didn't appreciate the atmosphere, didn't take time to practice the controls or even bothered to try to understand the rather complex story, But yeah, it is definitely clear that they really didn't give this game a chance. I mean, it's better than Silent Hill 1 through 4.

Why is it? Well, the atmosphere is rich, helped a lot by the fairly good graphics, creepy music and stylised setting and design. It actually is a little bit scary, something horror games rarely are to be honest, at least to me. The combat, well I don't think the combat is bad at all. You play as two Japanese girls with some excorsising talent. Their fighting skills are of course going to be rather subpar. It's the same reason people dislike Clock Tower because you don't fight at all or Haunting Ground where you have to get a dog to fight for you. Horror games are better when the combat is difficult to get to grips with because it makes you more vulnerable, and adds some tension.

As for the story, it's very well integrated through the game's three phases. it is translated rather poorly, and you probably need to play the game twice to really understand all of it, but it is a very well told story, with a lot of surprises. I don't think it's best to spoil any of it, so I'll just say, it's a good story, if you pay attention and think about it.

This is a hideously underrated game which deserves to be held in the same regard as Resident Evil, Project Zero, Silent Hill, Clock Tower and Eternal Darkness. The fact that it's scarier than most of them alone is very telling.

8 / 10

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