Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Reader Review

Recently released in Europe, it could possibly be the best game ever made. My reasoning for this is because it has many important things a game like this should have and no doubt were included for that reason, however it also has some little annoyances which will be explained in detail below.

The game is made up of 5 different cases with the first being a nice easy to follow tutorial explaining how things in the game work. There may be only 5 episodes, but they last a good while and you will certainly feel like you’ve played through your money’s worth by the end of them.

One of the main annoyances in the game is the fact that the way you have to move about, instead of being able to say, jump from the entrance of the film studio to inside studio 1, you need to move by selecting each area connecting you towards your final destination. I.E. Entrance ---> Outside Studio 1 ---> Inside Studio 1. It may be a little annoyance, however it is still annoying when it could quite easily remedied.

Another thing that may be annoying is the fact that when you save a game you get sent to the main menu, although it is a very quick save it is very annoying. However I would like to stress the point that you are able to save about 90% of the time whenever you like which in a way can more than make up for this slight flaw.

Now on to the difficulty of the game. Well to be honest there's not very much to be said the game makes you get on with it. However some of the courts cases do seem to either tell you what is happening when you had already worked out what evidence you need to show before the right sentence is up on the screen, which is ever so slightly annoying.

Why do I like it though, I hear you wondering, well its quite simple really there are so many great feelings you can get when you help get your client found "Not Guilty" especially when you worked out all the clues yourself. Even better there is some really funny dialogue in the game such as the director who speaks in net talk. Or even the names of the characters such as Angel Starr, Mike Meekins and Jake Marshall the cowboy patrol man... oh and my personal favourite Ms April May.

In conclusion then, a game with a strong script but as a few flaws that might put a few people off even though they would probably enjoy the game.

8 / 10

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