Echochrome and Elefunk here in May

PSN puzzler pair not too far away.

Sony has told Eurogamer that it plans to release Echochrome and Elefunk on the European PlayStation Network in May.

The former had previously been down for a Q2 2008 release, while the latter was stamping around the TBC forest.

Elefunk has you building bridges across various gorges so that elephants can cross the gap, because they can't fly.

There are Time Attack and multiplayer modes, and, better still, you can put the elephant on a motorbike and make it jump the canyons in special bonus rounds.

Echochrome, on the other hand, you should already know about; it's a simply-drawn puzzler where you guide a walking man around a level to collect your shadows.

These levels look like Escher-style pictures where the view can be altered to overcome obstacles; it's rather tricky to explain, but the Eurogamer TV trailers should cast a little more light on it.

Echochrome is also due out on PSP in May.

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