EA Sports has "nothing at all" for 3DTVs

Moore's focusing on Natal/Arc this year.

Peter Moore's revealed that EA Sports has "nothing at all" to offer 3D gaming this year.

"No, no, no. I have a point of view and that's about as much as we have," Moore told "You've rightly pointed out that, from Howard Stringer down, Sony has made it a strategic imperative for the company. And when Sony does something of that nature then we as a company need to sit up and take notice.

"But believe me there's nothing going on right now that would say I'm ready to demo a 3D sports game. Nothing at all."

Peter Moore's attention is instead on Project Natal and Sony's PS3 wand, which is rumoured to be called Arc. Expect to see all of EA Sports' core IP there, although when exactly, Moore wouldn't say.

"We're getting in sync with Sony's motion controller and Project Natal with what Sony and Microsoft want to do with their publishing partners, so stay tuned for further information on that as we get closer to the date," added Moore. "And as you can imagine, EA being EA we're going to have our core intellectual property represented in some shape of fashion on those platforms.

"I do not know when they're launching. Certainly Sony has made no public pronouncement at all, and Microsoft has said 'holiday', which obviously gives fudge room, so stay tuned."

Earlier today, Peter Moore unveiled a free-to-play version of FIFA, which will enter beta testing this June.

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