EA reveals Maxis' Darkspore for PC

Sci-fi action RPG with customisation galore.

EA has revealed Maxis' new PC game Darkspore. It's an online action role-playing game due in February 2011.

The setting is science fiction, and there will be "fast-paced" combat as players trek the galaxy fighting the Darkspore, which sound like really nasty spots.

The single-player campaign supports four-player co-op, and there's multiplayer to ruin friendships with.

A video glimpse showed a game influenced by Diablo. There's plenty of replayability, loot drops and upgradable this and thats.

There are three character classes in Darkspore made from five different genetic hero types. This must be where the Spore inspiration comes in. There'll be "limitless" opportunities to upgrade and customise heroes using parts collected on different planets.

EA dropped a Darkspore hint in May this year when the company trademarked the game.

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