EA reveals brand new Tiger Woods modes

PGA Tour 10 arrives here in July.

EA has detailed two brand new modes for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, which launches on PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360 on 3rd July.

The first is a character progression mode called Tournament Challenge, which is playable in all versions but PS2. Here players can rewrite the events of famous tournaments of the past, whatever they may be.

The eponymous golfer himself even offers a personal insight into his preparation for a tournament. That should be interesting, especially if he's shaved using his Gillette razor and is wearing his Tag Heur watch.

Exclusive to the Wii, however, will be the Disc Golf mode. This swaps golf clubs for a disc that can be thrown (presumably) around all the championship courses. This, coupled with Wii MotionPlus controls, will make your family and friends have fun, says EA.

Which echoes what EA sports boss and Liverpool FC fan Peter Moore told us in an interview published today - that WMP will make EA successful on Wii.

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