EA Japan making Zelda-alike for DS

Action RPG Tsumuji is about ninjas.

EA Japan is making an action RPG for DS called Tsumuji.

It looks a lot like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, judging by the first batch of screenshots, which we've stuffed into a gallery for you.

Tsumuji plays a lot like Nintendo's brilliant DS game, too: all controls are mapped to the stylus and there's a hefty dose of puzzling to swallow.

The story follows young ninja Tsumuji as he learns his craft around his idyllic rural village. Whether he'll venture out and embark on a world-saving quest isn't known, nor is anything past his rudimentary rock throwing, hiding and crawling abilities - combat hasn't been shown.


That's the Spirit. He's on the right Tracks.

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