EA "evaluating" Sims 3 release date

20th Feb launch looking unlikely.

Electronic Arts has said it is "evaluating the launch window" for The Sims 3 after European retailers were told to expect a delay last week.

The publisher had previously announced that the game would be released on 20th February.

However, last week several retailers in Eastern Europe relisted the game as "first half 2009". UK retailers - including online giants Amazon and Play - still carry the 20th February target, but EA issued the following statement:

"We are evaluating the launch window. The game looks great and in the near future we'll have more information."

So we wouldn't bank on being able to play it on 20th February.

Last week, EA chief executive John Riccitiello told the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences that his next priority was, "Helping make The Sims 3 a huge success."

Given the huge success of The Sims 2 and its expansions, it's no surprise EA wants to get the third game's launch right. Check out our gamepage for The Sims 3 to see how developer Maxis has got on up to now.

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