E3: Sony: PS3 wand devkits already out

"A little bit past the research phase."

Sony America marketeer Peter Dille claims that development kits for the motion-sensing PS3 wand have already been sent to third-party studios and the technology is further along than we thought.

"We're a little bit past the research phase," Dille told GameSpot, countering Microsoft's E3 announcement that Project Natal dev kits are being sent to developers this week.

"We're having conversations with the third-party community. The dev kits have started to go out to the third parties as well. They're working on the tech. They couldn't be more excited about it," Dille added.

But for all their posturing, neither company has yet provided a solid date for either technology. That Microsoft has a final product rather than prototype and at least one game suggests Project Natal may arrive first.

First behind Nintendo, of course, which launches the Wii MotionPlus accessory on 12th June. WMP adds a gyroscope to the Wiimote, which takes the controller to a maximum six degrees of motion-sensing freedom.

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