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"No, I don't have a crown."

Eurogamer: Is a price cut on the way for the Wii?

David Yarnton: Are you not aware we had a price increase? On 1st April, the price of Wii went up for UK retailers. [PR chap: "Due to problems with the exchange rate over the last year, we raised the cost price. Whether retailers choose to pass that cost on to customers is up to them. We have no control over what they charge for a Wii. Dell and Apple made similar moves recently so it's not unprecedented. The pound has fallen against the yen by 28 per cent in the last year, so every Japanese company is facing pressure at the moment."]

Eurogamer: How much does it cost a retailer to buy a Wii now?

David Yarnton: We can't tell you that.

Eurogamer: Can you tell me the percentage the cost went up by?

David Yarnton: You can guess.

Eurogamer: So you're not going to cut the GBP 179 price this year?

David Yarnton: No.

Eurogamer: How about next year?

David Yarnton: We've no plans. Nintendo doesn't like selling products at a loss. We've been round for quite a long time and we're a very successful company. It depends on the currency exchange - we can't make any predictions there.

Eurogamer: You've certainly sold a lot of products without making a loss. Is your office desk made of gold or diamond bricks?

David Yarnton: I think it's MDF! It's not teak or oak or anything.


Eurogamer: Do you have a crown?

David Yarnton: No.

Eurogamer: Is that because it kept banging against the roof of your helicopter?

David Yarnton: No. I don't have a crown and we don't have a helicopter.

Eurogamer: Looking forwards to E3 2010, can we expect to see Pilotwings, Pikmin, Starfox and Mario vs. Zelda in Donkey Kong Country Wii Fit?

David Yarnton: We've just announced the games we've got this year, so we won't be announcing what the future holds there. Some of the titles are slated for a 2010 release, so there will be more details of those products in the future. But I can assure you, at Nintendo we've always got something up our sleeve.

Eurogamer: Is it Pilotwings?

David Yarnton: You're a Pilotwings fan, are you?

Eurogamer: Is it Pilotwings?

David Yarnton: If you play Wii Sports Resort you can do a bit of parachuting and skydiving.


Eurogamer: It's not Pilotwings though, is it?

David Yarnton: No.

Eurogamer: Is it Pikmin?

David Yarnton: Who knows?

Eurogamer: All right, I'll go away now so you can talk to a proper journalist about serious things.

David Yarnton: The thing is, you can never predict anything with our company. Even if I said something it could be proved wrong in the future.

Eurogamer: I'm going to Miyamoto's behind-closed-doors presentation this evening. Perhaps he will parachute in through the ceiling and announce a new Pilotwings?

David Yarnton: Could do. [PR chap: "Very possible. It wouldn't surprise me."]

In the event, Shigeru Miyamoto did not parachute in through the ceiling, but he did bring a painting of Zelda.

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