E3: Fallout 3: Point Lookout dated

Swampy DLC here in late June.

Bethesda has announced a 23rd June date for the fourth Fallout 3 add-on, Point Lookout.

The date was stamped at the end of a brand new trailer, which takes us through the dark and murky swamps of the Wasteland - the new area we'll be trudging around.

Bethesda calls Point Lookout the "most open-ended DLC yet", which comprises a quest line that will unravel the secrets of seaside town Point Lookout whilst furnishing us with new bits and pieces like a double-barrelled shotgun. Yes please.

There are new perks and Achievements, too, but no word on cost - although we expect the same price as the previous three DLC packs: 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

Point Lookout will be followed in July by Mothership Zeta, which is to be the last downloadable add-on for Fallout 3. All five packs will be available on all three platforms: PC, PS3 and 360. PS3 will begin back-filling with Operation: Anchorage this month.

There's also a Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 arriving in October. This bundles the original game plus all five campaigns for the ripe old sum of 40 quid.

Head over to our Fallout 3: Point Lookout gallery for a clump of E3 screenshots.

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