Dynasty dev making new action RPG


KOEI and developer Omega Force are making an action role-playing game that, surprisingly, has nothing to do with Dynasty Warriors.

Dubbed Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll, the idea is for Omega Force to spruce up the Zill O'll RPG series, according to Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by IGN). The barely-known-in-the-west series was one of a number of candidates for reinvention, apparently, but KOEI picked Zill O'll because the Japanese people wanted a fantasy RPG.

Trinity, like the name suggests, follows three heroes - Aleus, Daguza and Zelena - through a meaty story that has plenty of side-quests to sink into.

Combat is party-based and characters use swords and magic to see of their foes. There's an ambitious dynamic environment mechanic where players can freeze lakes to walk over them mid-battle, or pick-up fallen debris to batter enemies with.

Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll is due out exclusively for PS3 this winter in Japan. We're checking European status with the local arm of the publisher.

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