Duke Nukem Forever hits a milestone

Nobody steals our clicks... and lives.

3D Realms hit another milestone in the development of Duke Nukem Forever this week, according to co-founder George Broussard.

"Closing out a milestone this week. 71 more tasks to do and we started with probably 800-900. Been a good push. Next one starts Monday," he wrote on his Twitter on Monday.

Then, the next day: "Heading home. Got some music for the game and commented. Have a couple more things to close out tomorrow for milestone."

So with any luck, Duke Forever is a little bit closer to seeing the light of day.

Indeed, what with this latest blurb and 3D Realms' Christmas image, it's more tangible than ever, although that's still not saying much.

We still hold a torch for it, mind you, especially after falling back in love with Duke Nukem 3D recently.

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