Duke Forever trailer today

And a screenshot now.

3D Realms has popped up to announce - to general disbelief - that it plans to release a teaser trailer for Duke Nukem Forever today on the Internet.

Not only that, but it has released a screen-grab from the teaser to help whet our appetites. That's the picture just down there. No no, there. The other thing is your leg.

The trailer will be released today, 19th December, at "around noon CST", which is 6pm GMT in old money.

Popping back up a little while later, 3D Realms boss-man George Broussard said he wanted to "manage expectations" with a little addendum, in which he wrote:

"This is a teaser. It's not a full blown trailer like the 2001 trailer (but something like that is coming). I tried to be clear about that in the message board post, so just bear in mind that it's a teaser."


Who wants some closure?

Will it have gameplay in it? Or strippers? Or gameplay strippers? Who can say? We will of course mirror it for you just as soon as we are able.

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