Duke Forever this year and on consoles?

3D Realms says yes then no. Sort of.

3D Realms has tried to bury suggestions that Duke Nukem Forever will be out this year on PS3 and 360 as well as PC.

In an open letter on its forum, boss George Broussard said there had been confusion about what was said on and off the record to The Dallas Business Journal.

The initial report by the US site headlined with "Duke Nukem Forever confirmed for 2008, and coming to Xbox 360, PS3", and included quotes from other 3D Realms big shot Scott Miller.

While Broussard could offer no further comment on the date, which was later altered to be an "internal push" in the report, he did say no platforms had been finalised let alone announced.

"I suppose we're used to dealing with gaming press and not mainstream press. Lesson learned," said Broussard, earning considerable Brownie points.

"We apologise to gamers and websites everywhere for this series of events. Sometimes, you can be too trusting of people and assume things that come back to bite you."

The Dallas Business Journal has now altered its stance, claiming DNF is "a project to be completed in 2008".

The quote attributed to Scott Miller now reads: "We haven't formally announced any platforms for DNF. But, of course hitting the big three makes the most sense (PC, PS3, 360)."

However, news that Duke Nukem 3D will be definitely heading to Xbox Live Arcade is unchallenged by Broussard.

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