Driver Wii controls detailed

Due end of March.

With the Nintendo Wii version of Driver: Parallel Lines due out on 30th March, the development team in Barcelona has been explaining how the controls work in detail.

The Wiimote will be used to "select the target, master the weapon and shoot," one of Ubisoft's Spanish developers told the Guardian.

"The Nunchuk, meanwhile, will be used to drive, adjust the speed, and control the character and his gestures."

There's no auto-targeting, apparently, with the player able to take shots at anything on-screen from a closer, over-the-shoulder camera perspective. Ubisoft reckons it's an experience "similar to a first-person shooter".

All of which sounds interesting, and might help us find new fun in the previously-Atari-owned mission-based driving title, which proved quite enjoyable on the PS2.

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