Dragon's Lair heads to DS

Due out this year.

Digital Leisure has unveiled a Nintendo DS version of classic arcade and Laserdisc adventure Dragon's Lair, playable either on one screen or holding the DS like a book.

It should be out around the end of the year, a spokesperson told Eurogamer.

It'll be versatile in control terms too, allowing for d-pad and face buttons or touch-screen input, and there's even talk (ha) of voice recognition and rumble support.

In addition to the traditional Arcade mode, there's a Home mode too with additional sequences.

Originally released in the early '80s, Dragon Lair saw Dirk the Daring attempting to rescue Princess Daphne from an evil dragon in a wizard's castle. It had quite fancy animation for the time, largely thanks to the involvement of former Disney man Don Bluth.

Check out our Draogn's Lair DS screenshot gallery for, you know, screenshots.

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