Double Fine's new mini-game

Epic Saga - Extreme Fighter.

Psychonauts developer Double Fine has skilfully crafted a new epic to yank us through a long Monday back at the grind stone. Except it's not their big new release, which we don't know about yet, but a web-game instead.

Dubbed Epic Saga - Extreme Fighter, it puts you in control of one of five finely honed brawlers. Trade a kicks and punches as a Barbarian, Horny Witch, Gnome King, Dark Wizard or Cave Dweller - and unlock a secret character after you've pounded each to a pulp.

The game has all the hallmarks of a next-generation super project, plus some funny quips and an ending to keep you in deep thought for weeks.

Pop over to the developer's website to start your adventure now.

Double Fine is currently working on an as-yet unannounced project for Sierra Entertainment. Its last game, Psychonauts, earned a pin-on rose from us as game of the year 2005.

Pop over to our Psychonauts review to find out why.

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