Don King Boxing dated for Wii, DS

Learn real "skills that make for thrills".

2K Games will release Don King Boxing for Wii and DS here on 27th March, a few days before the US.

The Wii version uses balance board to duck and weave, and the Wiimote and nunchuk to throw punches, for a very sweaty experience.

It's so energetic that Boxercise - a strange aerobic fitness class - routines have been introduced to the training section. This gets players fit as their character improves their skill statistics.

"It wouldn't surprise me if a future world champion was introduced to the sport through this game," said motor-mouth boxing promoter Don King. (It would surprise us, Don.) "This is where you can get the skills that make for thrills."

There's a story mode to punch through, where you'll encounter around 20 big-name brawlers in glitzy locations such as Madison Square Gardens. Multiplayer will feature, too.

2K doesn't mention handheld specifics. Maybe you can take the DS version to the gym and hit people with it.

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