Dodgeball and Crosswords on XBLA

Almost forgot to say.

Microsoft has added Double D Dodgeball and Coffeetime Crosswords to Live Arcade.

The first is from wrestling developer Yuke's and recreates the bizarre sport for you and up to seven friends online (split into two teams of four).

You can play in pairs as well, and there are plenty of characters with unique styles plus variations of surface, ball and rules to keep things interesting.

Coffeetime Crosswords, on the other hand, contains over 150 of the popular newspaper puzzles that your dad always used to play and maybe you still struggle to understand but are too frightened to tell anyone let alone him.

You can go at it alone or enlist the help of a friend in co-operative mode. We're not sure if you can do this online, we suppose so.

Both Double D Dodgeball and Coffeetime Crosswords cost 800 Microsoft Point (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60).

We'll bring you our thoughts on these soon - probably after E3 has calmed down a bit.

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