Disney doing Spectrobes for Wii

Donald, Daffy aiming for autumn 2009.

Disney has revealed Spectrobes: Origins for Wii and plans to launch the game this autumn.

The previously DS-bound series hops onto console with a brand new story, Wii motion-sensing controls, large-scale real-time battles and a fleshed-out 3D RPG world. We've popped a couple of pictures up to illustrate this.

Spectrobes are the creatures players run around world trying to collect, training them into fighting machines with which to maul evil monsters. So it's a bit like Pokmon, with a cartoony world to match.

The two DS instalments - Spectrobes and Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals - have shipped over 1.6 million copies around the world and are every bit as compelling as the content suggests.

Not quite as good as Pokmon, to continue with the comparison, but worthy of an afternoon or five nonetheless. Head over to our Spectrobes DS review to find out why.

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