Disgaea 3 for US, likely for Europe

Expect an announcement later in 08.

KOEI - European distributor for Nippon Ichi games - isn't ready to confirm that Disgaea 3 will be released in Europe, but the game is coming to the West.

Overnight we heard that the turn-based strategy game will be appearing in the USA this August, following its release in Japan last month.

We understand that nothing's signed and sealed for a European release, but given the strong links between KOEI and Nippon Ichi at executive level and the existing agreement between the two companies, the transition is a formality.

Disgaea 3 takes players for another round of the Netherworld, with a new cast but many of the same core themes and mechanics, while a few subtle new systems have been introduced to keep veterans happy, like Demon Change. Woo.

Wikipedia has lots more, so we won't pretend that's not where we're getting it.

Check out our Disgaea 3 gamepage for screenshots and a Japanese trailer.

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