Def Jam 360 demo tomorrow

Full game out in mid March.

Remember that Def Jam: Icon demo for Xbox 360? Probably not, since despite EA claiming it would be out recently, it wasn't. Not to worry though, because it may have come up hard but we are assured it will be appearing on Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow.

The demo, as previously reported, offers an early look at how the game aims to "blend" the hip-hop lifestyle with fighting. Hard to imagine! There's a gas station level and Big Boi and T.I. characters to beat up, along with one song from each - "Kryptonite" from Big Boi (and Purple Ribbon All-Stars) as well as Top Back from T.I.

The full game is pretty close to release too, so you won't have to wait long after the demo if you're keen. In fact, US gamers will be able to grab it on 6th March while European gamers will find it available at their local games shop from 16th March for either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

You might look a bit daft if you plumped for the former on day one though, what with the PS3 itself not being out for another week after that. Presumably it's a typo - look for the console and all its friendly games on the 23rd.

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