DDO Unlimited updates tomorrow

Create level 4s, Epic difficulty, more.

Capitalising on the momentum generated by its free-to-play relaunch of Dungeons & Dragons Online, Turbine is releasing Update 1 to DDO Unlimited tomorrow, 28th October.

Executive producer Fernando Paiz detailed the update in a recent letter to players. The key features are all aimed at high-level adventurers: there's a new adventure pack called The Path of Inspiration, the introduction of Epic Difficulty at level 20 in some adventure packs, and Veteran Status. The latter lets players with 1000 favor points to jump a new character straight in at level 4.

Reincarnation, a feature allowing you to re-spec your character, was originally intended to be included in this update but has been held back so that it doesn't delay the release of the other content, Paiz said.

As ever, there's no official word from Codemasters on when players using its European subscription DDO service can expect the content in this update. It will be available on Turbine's North American servers tomorrow.

You'll find our 8/10 re-review and more at the DDO gamepage.

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