Days of Arcade promo kicks off on XBLA

UNO! Puzzle Quest! Hasbro Game Night.

Microsoft has revealed a batch of Xbox Live Arcade titles planned for release as part of its Days of Arcade promotion.

Kicking off on Wednesday, Days of Arcade will run for six weeks with "a new smash hit" released every week. There will also be "a surprise two-title week where you can double-up on the downloadable fun", says Microsoft.

The first title released will be Hasbro Family Game Night. The horror.

In the coming weeks there's The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai to look forward to, Capcom's sheep-herding effort Flock, plus Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. Not to mention the classic remakes Lode Runner and Outrun Online Arcade, plus UNO Rush. It's not clear what order they'll appear in, as announcements will be made the Monday before each release.

"Get ready to experience Days of Excitement, Days of Fun, Days of Arcade!" Says Microsoft. Hope they show Days of Thunder again at Easter.

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