David Jaffe pulls out of keynote

LiveText ABORT. Sorry about that.

David Jaffe has pulled out of his keynote speech on Friday at the Game Developers Conference. Paul Steed from Exigent kindly stepped in to take over and offer the audience career advice about the game industry.

However, we were all here to read about what David Jaffe had to say. And he's not turned up. So, much as we're sure Steed has good things to say, he's not going to show us Twisted Metal PS3, or anything to do with God of War.

As a result, we're abandoning the LiveText. This is the first time in Eurogamer history that we've had to do this, so sorry about that. David Jaffe: you owe this lot a LiveText Interview. Hope you get well soon.

Update: Aaand the GDC blog actually mentioned this yesterday, even if nobody in the convention centre - or indeed the room full of people who turned up to see Jaffe - had any idea. Once again, sorry for misleading you. We're off to get on a plane and drink ourselves to sleep.

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