Dance and strum to Boom Boom

XBLA game peripheral support.

Those of you still playing Bizarre Creations' fairly decent rhythm-action game Boom Boom Rocket will soon be able to play along to it with guitar and dance mat peripherals. Wicked!

An upcoming patch adds support for both, and also makes a number of changes and tweaks to the scoring system and leaderboards, eliminating a few bugs in the process. It's all passed certification, which means it "won't be too much longer now".

"We're really happy that this update is finally going to see the light of the outside world, and we'd like to thank the Boom Boom Rocket faithful for sticking with the game through thick and thin," says Bizarre's lovely website.

So what's it like playing BBR with a dance mat? Well, as you can see on YouTube, it's very ridiculous. Check out our Boom Boom Rocket gamepage for the review and all the other jazz you've come to expect.

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