Cryptic selling playable races in STO

Klingons and Ferengi available at launch.

Cryptic is offering content via micro-transactions right from launch day with Star Trek Online, with two playable races now available from the Cryptic store (via Massively).

The races are Federation Klingons (the Klingon Empire is a separate, antagonistic faction in the game) and Ferengi. The right to create Klingon characters costs 240 Crytpic points - roughly Ł2, €2.50 or $3. Ferengi cost 80 points. The new races begin with unique racial traits but are otherwise cosmetic additions.

Is this fair game, or is Cryptic nickel-and-diming MMO subscribers? Why not ask the developer yourself - we've got a live interview with producer Craig Zinkievich tomorrow evening,

Star Trek Online launched yesterday in North America and is out over here on Friday.

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