Cricket Captain for PS2, PSP

This month. Wicket.

Empire has revealed that International Cricket Captain III will be heading to PS2 and PSP on 16th November.

It is the first time the sports management series has appeared on lounge-dwelling machines, and each will come with some unique bits and pieces.

The PS2 version will have new 3D highlights that will apparently be very similar to watching the game on the telly, while the PSP offering will focus on shorter matches like Twenty20 with Wi-Fi multiplayer.

International Cricket Captain III came out on PC in July and brought with it lots of fancy new bits like a better game engine, more motion-captured action, Ball Tracker to imitate telly-style replays, and commentary from sort of famous person Jonathan Agnew.

It will also have all the right player and team data so you can pretend your are England touring Sri Lanka or Ian Botham on the Shredded Wheat advert walking around and talking about his heart.

Pop over to the official International Cricket Captain website to get excited.

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