Crazy Taxi PSP, Sonic DS dated

Lots of SEGA dates.

SEGA popped into our lives again yesterday with a clutch of release dates for some of its forthcoming handheld games.

On the PSP front, Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars will be with us on 29th June, the publisher said, while Crush is down for 25th May.

Meanwhile, DS owners will be able to flex their wallets for a bit of SEGA Presents Touch Darts on 22nd June, with Sonic Rush Adventure now down for autumn.

Finally there's sketchy word on Wii and PSP title Alien Syndrome, which is limbering up for a July launch.

Elsewhere - quite a considerable distance elsewhere, in fact - Japanese Game Watch is reporting that Puyo Puyo will arrive on Wii over there on 26th July.

We spoke to SEGA this morning to find out when it might turn up here, but they had no news for us.

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