Companion Cube plush toys!

Sold out already! Gah!

After what seems like two and a bit months, Valve has finally started selling Weighted Companion Cube plush toys. And then stopped selling them after everyone bought all of them.

As with all Valve merchandise, the Cubes - our old friends from Portal, do keep up - can be found on the Valve Store, and fortunately you can still pick up Weighted Companion Cube furry dice to hang from your car's rear-view mirror. We don't have a car, but will now consider buying one.

The Cubes aren't the only Portal goodies on the Valve Store, either, with an Aperture Laboratories coffee mug, a holiday greeting pack ("hello, holiday!"), and some posters with which to decorate your cell.

Other Orange Box stuff includes a range of Team Fortress 2 posters and a lithograph, a Portal shirt, and of course all the Half-Life things you could ever want, including headcrab plush toy and hat, and even a Vortigaunt plush toy like the one John Walker got me but has somehow never, ever given to me because he hates me probably.

For more on The Orange Box, you could check out our PS3 review of The Orange Box. It's where all the cool kids shout at each other.

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