COD DLC first on 360 for three years

Any add-on or map pack, apparently.

Microsoft has announced an "exclusive multi-year agreement between Xbox and Activision" that will see Call of Duty add-ons and map packs appearing first on Xbox 360 for the next three years.

Xbox 360 boss Don Mattrick announced the news following the Call of Duty: Black Ops product demonstration that kickstarted the Microsoft E3 conference.

The extent and duration of the individual add-ons' exclusivity wasn't discussed.

Last year Microsoft announced a tie-up that saw the first two downloadable add-ons for Modern Warfare 2 appear exclusively on Xbox 360 for 30 days each.

The on-stage demo by Treyarch boss Mark Lamia took us through some spooky-looking tunnels before an assault on a helicopter landing pad in a jungle, after which Lamia rode shotgun (well, missile-launcher) in a stolen Russian HIND and blew up rope bridges, kicked up spray and generally did the opposite of what you'd imagine a covert special forces man would want to do.

Looked fun though, of course. The full game's out on 9th November this year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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