Cloning Clyde successor in June

Ancients of Ooga has puke mechanic.

NinjaBee and J. Kentworthy have announced a 16th June release for Ancients of Ooga on Xbox Live Arcade.

The game will cost 800 Microsoft Points (6.80/9.60).

This is a spiritual successor to co-op platform game Cloning Clyde that appeared on XBLA four years ago. Clyde offered an early glimpse at the quality XBLA was capable of. In preparation, Clyde will be halved in price to 400 MSP.

Ooga shares the clay-like appearance of Clyde and its platform structure. The aim is to "eat, chant and puke" a path through a Ooga's primeval world, befriending Oogani tribes to unlock their ancient powers. Only then will your strength be enough to stand against the evil Boolis.

NinjaBee has a long history on Xbox Live Arcade, having produced games like A Kingdom for Keflings, Band of Bugs and Outpost Kaloki X.


The June date is not inside Microsoft's Summer of Arcade period that generally runs from late July to late August.

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