Clash of the Titans game announced

Game Republic, Namco Bandai in charge.

Game Republic is working with Namco Bandai on Clash of the Titans: The Videogame.

It's a tie-in with the forthcoming Warner Bros. movie. Both the film and the game are due for a release next spring.

A brief trailer for the game was shown at Namco Bandai's gamescom conference. It was full of huge minotaurs swinging axes, dragons swooping over snowy landscapes, chicks with horns, wings and tiny bikinis and that sort of thing. There will be more than 100 creatures and villains in the finished game, apparently.

Game Republic is responsible for high-profile PS3 games Genji "Massive Damage" Days of the Blade and Folklore.

It's not clear which platforms the game is in development for, but seeing as it's a movie tie-in it's probably quite a few.

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