Charlie Murder now an XBLA title

Dishwasher bloke's latest due in 2012.

Ska Studios' James Silva has revealed that one of his upcoming games, Charlie Murder, is now a full-fledged Xbox Live Arcade game due out in 2012.

Charlie Murder was originally planned as an Xbox Live Indie Game, although Silva told Eurogamer earlier this year that it had been on the "back burner" prior to a recent revival, presumably linked to its upshift in fortunes.

"We're going back to development for a while so we can build tons of new content for Charlie Murder, to give gamers an XBLA-calibre, mayhem-infused, punk rock experience," Silva told Joystiq this week, confirming the game's XBLA status.

Silva shot to digital download prominence when his first game, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, won the Microsoft Dream-Build-Play development competition and a full XBLA release. It was good, too, picking up 8/10 from Eurogamer.

Ska Studios is also working on a follow-up to The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai subtitled Vampire Smile, and Silva has previously said he had a third game planned in the series.

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