Castlevania returning to DS

Igarashi says it's next.

Buoyed no doubt by the success of and positive critical response to Dawn of Sorrow and Portait of Ruin - and the fact that the DS has sold 40 basquillion units - Konami is doing another Castlevania DS game.

That's according to series producer Koji Igarashi, who was talking to Wired's gaming blog, Game|Life, and had this to say about the future: "First, we're doing another Nintendo DS version. There hasn't been an official announcement, but we're doing it. First, we want people to enjoy the PSP version, and afterwards we're announcing it. So, please wait a little bit."

That PSP version, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, is due out in Europe this year following its release in the US this week. It's a remake of PC Engine title Rondo no Blood with fancy reworked graphics. For more from Igarashi, check out the rest of the Wired piece, where he also talks about why meat comes out of candles.

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