Castle Crashers still a year away

The Behemoth in no great hurry.

Those of you looking forward to The Behemoth's Castle Crashers might want to clear your mouths for a sharp intake of whatever's floating in front of your face: it's not coming out until 2008.

That's according to a report over at Joystiq, who caught up with developer Dan Paladin during GDC and were told the game had "about a year of development left". Curses!

And who to curse? Microsoft. Apparently the company's decision to increase the file-size allowance for Xbox Live Arcade titles encourage The Behemoth to go back in and do more than they originally intended.

Oh well, you can always play Alien Hominid HD instead. And there's a Castle Crashers trailer over on Eurogamer TV if you're curious as to why we're so keen.

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