Carcassonne arriving tomorrow

On Xbox Live Arcade.

Not merely content with the prospect of iceberg-saving Lumines bonuses, Microsoft has queued up the Sierra Online version of boardgame Carcassonne for release on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow morning.

Carcassonne is a tactical strategy game about annexing the medieval countryside. If you're ignorant of its charms, don't be put off - remember that Catan worked quite well and perhaps give the demo a go.

The full version will include a full step-by-step tutorial "to teach you the game in minutes", according to the Xbox people, along with the traditionally unlockable 12 Achievements for a total of 200 gamerpoints.

Once you're proficient, you'll be able to go online in five-player games, and you can even dust off the Xbox Live Vision camera for a bit of face-to-face with your friends, or enemies.

We'll bring you our thoughts on how it works out once we've annexed a willing brain to process it all, but in the meantime, why not browse the contents of our Carcassonne screenshot gallery to help get you in the mood?

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