Capcom reveals Lost Planet 2

Jungles, co-op, big bosses.

Capcom has unveiled Lost Planet 2 with a "Capcom Top Secret Game Announcement" trailer on Xbox Live, weighing in at around 450MB.

Producer Jun Takeuchi introduces the clip, which shows more Vital Suit (VS) mechs to stop around in, more baddies with guns, more snow, more T-ENG fuel, more grappling hooks and more huge bosses with glowing weak spots to shoot.

But there are also new bits: a tropical jungle setting and what may be co-op - the main character plants an expanding riot shield while his two unique-looking allies fire over the top.

It's not clear whether the playable character will again be Wayne, as his head is covered throughout the clip. There's no sign of his flashy VS mech, either, although you do see someone getting into one.

Release date and platforms are not given, but Xbox 360 is obviously the focus of the, er, Xbox 360 trailer. Keiji Inafune will executive produce the game, Kenji Oguro will direct, Takahiro Kawano will boss the art and Tomoya Kieshi will lead the sound.

Pop over to Eurogamer TV to watch the first trailer for Lost Planet 2.

Alternatively, catch up with our Lost Planet 1 review for an idea of what to expect.

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