Capcom Puzzle World crash bug

Found a month ago, ships in Euro version anyway.

Capcom has acknowledged a "conflict" between the latest PSP firmware, 3.5/3.51, and Capcom Puzzle World, which causes the game to crash.

However, despite having realised this and posted about it on the Capcom news blog over a month ago, the problem remains in place in the European version of the game, released on Friday.

It seems to affect the Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo part of the puzzle bundle primarily, freezing the game within a few minutes of starting. We managed a couple of rounds with our European promo copy before it locked up on a load-screen.

Capcom's blog describes the problem as "similar to the same issues that we experienced previously with PSP firmware versions 3.3 and earlier" - supposedly sorted out with firmware 3.4, but apparently not completely.

"We are aware of this issue, and are working with Sony on possible fixes as quickly as we can," that post concludes. However there's nothing else on the blog since then, and when we rang Capcom UK for comment this morning there was no immediate response available.

We'll let you know when we get a fuller explanation, and anybody thinking of picking up Capcom Puzzle World might want to give it a miss until there's news of a fix.

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