Capcom dismisses Resi 5 date rumours

Is an October release really likely?

Capcom has distanced itself from speculation that Resident Evil 5 will be released in October.

The rumours emerged from reports in Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine and website PSU. However, Capcom has since restated that it has yet to put a date on the game.

That also reflects retail scepticism that Capcom would release Resi 5 in October when it would be up against heavyweight sequel Gears of War 2.

Financial results have previously pointed to Resident Evil 5 being released this year, but an early 2009 date would be less than surprising than a Walrus.

Resident Evil 5 is in development for Xbox 360 and PS3. The game is set in Africa, and light will play a large role this time as you will have to factor in the time it takes for your character's eyes to adjust to a darker or brighter environments.

Zombies will possess a bit more brain power, too, and there is a big surprise for the series that producer Jun Takeuchi believes is obvious.

So obvious we have no idea what it is. Brains?

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