Capcom dates Flock! for PC, PSN, XBLA

But wool it be any good?

Capcom plans to release Flock! for PC on 7th April, Xbox Live Arcade on 8th April and PlayStation Network on 9th April.

This downloadable title - developed by Proper Games - puts players in charge of a UFO that needs to find, round up and shuffle farm animals back to a mother-ship. Sheep, pigs, chickens and cows are on the menu, as they are at most good restaurants.

Animals are steered by a repellent ray beamed from the flying saucers, and difficulty slopes upward as players plod through around 50 levels, spanning each of the seasons.

Judging by a recent video, dangers include animals tumbling off of un-fenced ledges. The pace seems rather hectic with plenty of point multipliers, too.

Plus, Flock! looks very stylish, modelling patchwork-like tiled environments, and plenty of cute and cuddly cartoon accompaniments.

There's no word on price just yet.

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