Capcom aims to increase output

Will enlist Western studios to do it.

Capcom aims to release its big hitters like Resident Evil more frequently, and will outsource to the West to do it, according to a report.

Currently, Capcom releases one or two games annually based on its primary franchises.

It wants to up that number to three or four, according to Japanese media outlet Nikkei (translated by Andriasang).

Why? To increase sales, of course.

Nikkei's report is about attempts by publishers to reduce development times.

"Developing a large scale title requires a staff of over 100. To increase output, Capcom plans on making use of outsourcing, centred primarily on North American and European studios.

"Through the use of external resources, Capcom believes it can reduce development times from four years to between two and three years," the report reads.

More Resident Evil games more often will help Capcom avoid the falling sales and earnings it reported last year.

The burning question is, will this increased output result in more main franchise games, such as Resident Evil 5, or spin-off titles? Time will tell.

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