Call of Duty Reader Review

Call of Duty: game of the year edition

Platform : PC

Publishers: Activision

Multiplayer: Yes Singleplayer: Yes

Genre: FPs, Strategy Shooter

Description: Call of duty: THE classic WWII shooter. At the start of the Singleplayer campaign you are sent in as a soldier in the D Day landings. Unfortunately you and your squad get cut off, behind enemy lines. From then on you have to complete a set of daring missions that take you around Europe placing you as anything from American special forces to Russian tank gunner. The game contains a large variety of missions designed to make it more exciting . The single player contains many different difficulty levels making it easy to find the right one for you. This being my first shooter I set it to easiest or "Greenhorn" difficulty level. I found this to be challenging enough to get a sense of achievement but not so hard that i found it frustrating. There are lots of save-points so it doesn't get repetitive. The graphics are realistic and not to heavy on system requirements. Despite the fact that there are 2 new COD games released, Call of duty 1 still has a huge multi player fan base. There are a multitude of servers and lots of fun variations to "Deathmatch" game type. These include " search and destroy" "HQ" and "Teamdeathmatch". By its very nature the Multiplayer element is not repetitive and adds many hour of replay-ability. In summary I can easily recommend this to anyone who is even slightly interested in shooting games. This game surely personify's everything a historic shooter should be.

Its: A shining example of how good Shooters can be Got great Multiplayer Best fun you have had in years.

Its not Quake, Laser guns (and if you want light sabers this is not the game for you)

I will give this : 91%

9 / 10

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