Bungie indicates PS3 support is likely

But won't say whether new game is MMO.

Bungie has told Eurogamer that its deal with Activision, announced earlier today, is an opportunity to bring its new IP to a wider audience than just Xbox 360 owners.

Although he would not discuss specific formats - we asked about PS3, PC and Wii, Bungie's Brian Jarrard told us: "There are bigger opportunities out there for us and we would love to be able to reach more fans than we have before and really bring our experience to them on the platforms and devices of their choosing.

"So certainly that's something we're planning for and working towards in the future, so it's great that's one area Activision has a lot of experience in."

Right now, however, it would be premature to comment. "We've been working right now simply on more of a pre-production level, so things that are really platform-agnostic," according to Jarrard.

We also asked whether the wording of the announcement - a 10-year deal for games connected with a new IP, rather than a game-specific deal - might mean that Bungie's new project is massively-multiplayer.

"I can't get into specifics, but we're definitely looking at building a universe that people want to spend time in," Jarrard said.

"Much like Halo but we have much more grandiose vision here, so it's a long-term partnership for us. We're really embarking on something that will be a significant undertaking for the studio that will involve multiple games set inside this brand new IP and universe.

"But clearly Activision does have good experience running large-scale universes over a long period of time, so that was one appealing attribute that drew us to them."

Check out the full Bungie interview on the Activision deal elsewhere on the site.

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